The C4K workshop will be closed from 18th December 2010 till 20th January 2011.

We are looking to help people of any age disadvantaged by a lack or loss of their computers, and we welcome requests for our computer systems from Schools, Kindergartens, Tertiary colleges and Non Profit Community organisations. (Requests from individuals MUST supply written third party verification of circumstances before they can be approved.)

If YOU know of an individual, a school or an organisation that can benefit from receiving one of our Computers 4 Kids systems, please let them know, and please let us know.

All requests must use the standard application which can be submitted from this site. This
Request Application must be completed and submitted to our Validations Manager. Once received your request will be validated against our Acceptance Criteria and our Validations Manager will be in touch with you. If you represent an organisation sponsoring a recipient use this Organisation Request form. Individuals requesting for themselves should use this Individual form.

Should you have any questions or concerns please email our
 Please remember that our project services as many requests as possible but some requests cannot be authorised due to many factors.

Computers are supplied to recipients for a small "donation". This payment goes partway to cover our production and software costs. The donation required depends on the performance and software, and is currently :

Computer Type Requested & Cost:

Desktop PC.... Cost $50
Typically P4 processor loaded with Windows XP PRO and Open Office freeware software which is similar to Microsoft Office.

Laptop PC.... Cost $100
rarely available. Please note we cannot guarantee the life of the battery, and battery packs can be $100 or more. Justification is required for why a Laptop is required and a Desktop will not be satisfactory.

Microsoft Office - XP Standard....Cost Additional $20 for a short time (usually $50) (Not available seperately)
(short version of Office suite. Includes Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Outlook) which can be loaded on Desktop PC's and Laptops.
This is a special stock run out price while stocks last.

Some of our Recipient Organisations:

 Noonga Reconciliation Group,
 Cerebal Palsy League of Queensland,
 Save the Children Fund,
 Stepping Stone Clubhouse,
 Steps Disability Queensland,
 Mercy Family Services,
 Hope International,
 St Vincent de Paul Society (both local and overseas).
 Rotary Donations in Kind,

To name just a few !