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Desktop PC.... Cost $50
Typically P4 processor loaded with Windows XP PRO and Open Office freeware software which is similar to Microsoft Office.
Microsoft Office2003 added to Desktop ....Cost Additional $20 (Not available separately)
This is a special stock run out price while stocks last.
Laptop PC.... Cost $100
Rarely available. Please note we cannot guarantee the life of the battery, and battery packs can be $100 or more to replace. Justification is required for why a Laptop is required and a Desktop will not be satisfactory.
Microsoft Office 2003 added to Laptop ....Cost Additional $20 (Not available separately)
This is a special stock run out price while stocks last.

Box for computer system.... Cost $5
Only required if applicant is arranging for a Courier to collect




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MS Office is a short version of the Microsoft Office suite.It includes Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Outlook and can be loaded on Desktops and Laptops.
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As the Sponsor, you have obligations to verify the need of your clients. From your knowledge and/or investigations, are you satisfied that your client/s circumstances meet the eligibility criteria and the client/s understand that the licence forbids re-sale of the computer?
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