Corporate Donations

If you are working for or know of a business that is about to upgrade their computer systems, we are only too happy to accept superseded equipment, providing it meets our minimum specification (Pentium 4 or better). If in doubt please call Chris or Simon on 07 3165 4600.

The basic Specification for donations these days is for PC's capable of running Windows XP or better, with flat screen monitors. If possible they should be complete with mouse and keyboard, but other periferals are not desirable. Older style CRT (cathode ray tube monitors) under 15 inches are useful. Large format CRT monitors cause OH&S problems in the workshop and in distribution and cannot be accepted. Printers and scanners never seem to come back to life in the workshop, and also cannot be accepted.

Private Donations

If you have a personal computer (Pentium 4 or better), IN GOOD WORKING ORDER AND YOU HAVE THE ORIGINAL DRIVER DISK(S) we can accept it for refurbishment. We are unable to accept Pentium 1, 2 and 3computers unless they are part of a shipment of Pentium 4 or better. This is due to a lack of orders from the Third World for the lower specification machines. It is a sad fact of life that older equipment often cannot be refurbished to meet our quality control standards so would be better off with a recycler. As we incur recycling charges for equipment which can't be turned into a reliable homework computer system, C4K reserves the right to decline acceptance of equipment unsuitable for refurbishment. We also do not refurbish Apple Macs or dot matrix printers.

If in doubt please call Chris or Simon on 07 3165 4600 or email .

For directions on getting to Computers 4 Kids please see the following street map. For a comprehensive location map of where we are within the college, please view the layout of Aviation College (formerly, the Hendra Secondary College).

Donations can be delivered between the hours of 10am and noon on Thursdays and Saturdays. Please advise Chris or Simon via email or phone 07 3165 4600 to arrange a drop off. Please note that as our workers are volunteers it may take a day or two to reply to your phone calls or emails.

All donated hard drives are overwritten to preclude the recovery of Donor information. A written receipt will be provided on request.

Other Options

If your computer equipment is unsuitable for refurbishment we recommend Dell Computer Recycling. Charges may apply.

Thank You !

We would like to thank those people involved in the donation process. We appreciate their time and effort, as it can certainly take some organising to shift large donations. Donations have come from companies like: DHL, Redcliffe Hospital, Tarong Energy, Aviation College (formerly, the Hendra Secondary College), Main Roads Department, Grafton Base Hospital, Queensland Conservation Council, Smorgon Steel, Provet, Mitchells Quality Foods, Boral Plasterboard, Lion Nathan Brewing, Emergency Services Australia, Telstra Enterprise Services to name just a few. Many thanks to Rotary Clubs across Queensland and Northern NSW for their assistance with pickup and delivery of large corporate donations.