Validation Criteria

For Organisations (Eligible Recipient Organisations)

Per the Microsoft Registered Refurbisher Program (MRRP) – Australia, “Refurbisher Licence Agreement”, the definition of Eligible Recipient Organisation includes: a Charity; an infants, primary, secondary school or TAFE College registered in a State or Territory of Australia by the relevant authority.

The definition of a charity for the purposes of the MRRP Program, per the above agreement includes organisations meeting ALL of the following criteria:

  • is a Non-Profit Organisation and has as its sole or dominant purpose:
  • the relief of poverty, the needs of the aged or the relief of sickness or distress, the advancement of education; or
  • other purposes beneficial to the community;
  • does not receive more than one third of its income from any one person or entity; and
  • is not substantially engaged in lobbying, political campaigns or other activities designed to influence legislation.

Proof may be required from ER Organisations on official stationery to substantiate their compliance with the above criteria. In most cases submission of our standard letter of application via email will suffice.**

For Individuals (Eligible Beneficiaries)

  • Generally only one computer per family unless there are extenuating circumstances. Applicants should not feel inhibited from applying for more than one per family but they should include the facts in the Supporting Statement field and the circumstances will be considered.
  • Must have documentary proof of social or financial disadvantage.
  • Must be able to substantiate genuine need for a PC for educational or social improvement purposes.
  • At the time of collecting the computer, the applicant will be required to sign an End User Licence Agreement (EULA) prohibiting the copying of software and prohibiting the resale of the Computer.
  • Completion of the standard Letter of Application by an Eligible Recipient Organization on behalf of the individual will be deemed to satisfy the requirements of this procedure.

Computers 4 Kids respects the privacy of individuals and for this reason refrains from collecting and storing personal information about individual applicants other than their name and contact details.

However, at the time of collecting the computer, applicants are required to present Documentary Proof to establish compliance with the Eligible Beneficiary Criteria. If personal documents such as pension cards are presented, a notation will be made that the documents have been sighted by a C4K representative and no copies will be kept.

Documentation Validation Procedure

Documentary Proof is required to establish compliance with the Eligible Beneficiary Criteria.

  • If the application is submitted via an Eligible Recipient Organization then the standard letter of application will be deemed to be documentary proof.
  • In accordance with MRRP Guidelines, presentation of a valid pension, healthcare or student card will be deemed to be valid proof of social disadvantage.

Alternatively, individual applicants may obtain a letter from one of the following third parties:

  • A school teacher on School stationery only.
  • A person of standing in the community (eg: a policeman, medical doctor or minister of religion) who is personally familiar with the EB.
  • An officer of a recognised and properly constituted community service organisation or service club on official organisation stationery only.
  • An employee of a registered charity or non profit organisation on official organisation stationery only.

Letters from third parties only need to contain a statement that the writer has investigated the circumstances of the applicant and are satisfied that the applicant meets the criteria advertised on the C4K web site. They do not need to go into details of the applicant’s personal circumstances.

Applicants should NOT forward letters from third parties or copies of personal documents such as pension cards etc. However, they MUST be brought with them when collecting the computer. The application Supporting Statement Field should list the documents that can be produced for viewing at the time of collecting the computer.

The Validations Manager will reserve the right to request additional information in all cases to prove a case of genuine need exists.