The Cast

Elizabeth Grace

Elizabeth has been a Rotarian for 11 years. She was a primary school teacher for 15 years and worked in the Travel industry for 5 years before winning a seat in the Federal Parliament. After losing an election Elizabeth focused her interests on the community the through the Rotary Club of Nundah became Chairman of the Computers 4 Kids project in 2004 helping to guide it through the procedures needed to become a recognised Microsoft Refurbisher. Elizabeth believes passionately in the objects of Computers 4 Kids and is very supportive of and thankful for the team of willing volunteers who keep the project viable.

Gregg Reynolds

Gregg joined the group when the Rotary Club of Nundah took over. He has been a vital member of the team as one of our workshop supervisors. Gregg has a smorgasbord of knowledge in the Plastics Industry and experience in IT, particularly in matters of the Internet. Not only a member of the Management Committee, he was the President of The Rotary Club of Nundah in 2005/2006.

Chris Johnston

Chris came to us with a wealth of knowledge, after serving 25 years in the army he retired on medical grounds.  He has completed Certificate 3 and part of Certificate 4 in IT and has worked at PCEasy at Chermside for a short period of time.  Chris saw C4K advertised on the extra show back in 2006 and has been an enthusiastic member ever since. Chris took over the Administration reins from our departing Harry and along with Simon  runs the C4k program.

Computers 4 kids BrisbanePaul Blaney

Paul has spent most of his working life in Papua New Guinea. His last stint ended in November 2006 where he was Finance Manager for a Japanese logging company in Rabaul for 14 years. Paul is currently retired. As the current Treasurer of Rotary Club of Mitchelton, he was invited to join the Board of C4K by Fellow Rotary Member Peter Reed and was appointed Treasurer of C4K in August 2007..

Peter Reed

Peter, a retired civil engineer has been a Rotarian since 1983 and is currently a member of the Rotary Club of Mitchelton. As an Assistant Governor in Rotary District 9600 in 2004 – 2005 and 2005 – 2006, he became aware of The Rotary Club of Nundah’s Computers 4 Kids program and promoted it in other clubs within the district. Peter readily accepted an invitation to join the Board of Computers 4 Kids in 2007 and is currently Secretary..

John Kane

John joined Rotary in 1976 and has been a member of the Nundah Rotary Club since 1978. John spent forty-two years as an employee of Education Queensland, having been a primary school teacher, a secondary school teacher , Head of Department, Regional Officer and Senior Education Officer. As a retiree, he fully supports every student having access to a home computer as this technology is now part of everyday learning and is basic to one’s education.

Simon Keane

Originally a Work for the Dole Volunteer, Simon is now our resident technician. He specialises in resurrecting and repairing computers, often assembling a working machine out of parts scavenged from several dead ones. Simon puts these skills to use testing our incoming donations, ensuring we yield the maximum amount of usable PCs. Additionally, he takes on the mantle of assisting volunteers with any problems they encounter, helping to explain the finer points of computer refurbishment.


Adrian has been a Rotarian since 1981. He worked in the aviation industry for many years, and has always been well known for his love of trialing and testing new technology. Adrian operates the Computer Pickup service for Computers 4 Kids, aswell as offering support to all other areas of computer refurbishment.

There are many many volunteers that need mentioning. Without the help of this important crew, The Cast's job would be a lot harder.

Howard Pickering

A spin-off from a C4K presentation at the Rotary Conference in 2005 was the appearance of Howard Pickering (RC Mt Coo-tha) at the workshop. Howard is a retired Manual Arts Teacher (and text book author) who knows his way around the insides of a computer. He has spent many Thursday mornings at Hendra and is a keen worker. He has also showed us some workmanship of a different kind with a first class repair job on a sagging bench. And designing and helping to construct much needed shelving for storage of computers. 32 years teaching Manual Arts in a previous life served in good stead there!

Shannan Duffy

Shannon volunteers his time at a local community centre to assist with computer education. Recommended to us by the sponsors of that project he has become a star performer at C4K. He is always cheerful and eager to learn.

Mike Fendl

Mike came to Australia in the early 1960s from Germany to ply his trade as a baker. He once occupied the shop made famous by Hugh Lunn in the hilarious book 'Over The Top With Jim'. Now retired Mike generously donates his time to cleaning, testing and other odd jobs for C4K. His good humour and cheerful outlook are infectious.

Others that need mention include: Dennis Ceasar- whom is our current Printer Doctor, many a times do we find Dennis covered in ink, Hayden Andrew, Josiah Williams- The Redcliff boys always keen to show up at Morning Tea time and eat all the biscuits and scavenge through any piece of junk we might be throwing out, Peter McKay-Our Resident paperwork generator as well as our Access Database Guru, always willing to do a stocktake, Tony- a man who has been around QLD for a while driving Taxis and now wants to learn a new trade, a man who seeks knowledge from everywhere and always willing to learn new things….. We also have to mention our youngest volunteer Morgan- who needs no real introduction as we have had the fortunate pleasure of Morgan doing some On-The-Job-Training at the earlier part of the year, and as long as you like Vista ……. And from time to time we get a fresh batch from our trusted friends at Bridgeworks on the “Work-For-The-Dole” system, Ruth, David, Terry, just to name a few…. And the entire Membership of The Rotary Club of Nundah. Who drop by to lend a hand...